Kamila is a professional bellydance performer based in Japan. Born in Russia she was a part of her hometown folk dance ensemble Klimovchyanka from the age of 5. Aside from appearing on many big stages as a folk dance performer, she also was taking social dance classes, which helped her to learn several different genres.

After moving to Japan Kamila starts her career as a bellydance performer. In 2016 she participates in Bellydance Festival Magical Arabesque, which was held in Dubai UAE. In 2019 she makes the first collaboration show with a famous Japanese classical violin player Naoya Yoshida. Containing many different genres and styles of dance, the show had a big success and keeps getting popular among classical music lovers.
Currently located in Maldives.

 Kamila is also a model of Tokyo Bellydance Fashion Show & Stage Costume Design and a model of a Japanese dancers goods brand Chacott.

Currently Kamila works not only as a bellydancer but also as Slavic folk dance, gypsy dance, jazz dance performer and appears in numerous Japanese TV commercials.

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